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My name is Candace Wong: AMFT and APCC, but more specifically a gamer at heart.


Pre-Licensed: AMFT #135062

APCC #12297

Supervisor: Cassidy Russell, M.A./California/LMFT#111171

School: California State University, Fullerton

M.S. in Counseling

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The Full Story

​​I fully believe that you have the knowledge and capability to heal yourself, you just need a bit of guidance.  My goal is for you to enhance your self-awareness and foster an understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in relation to your past experiences, particularly as a child.  We will work together to connect the dots between your past experiences and current problems, and leverage your internal resources to address these problems.  If in the process, your internal resources are not ready to be tapped, we will work together to provide you with temporary tools that will allow you to feel reprieve during difficult moments until you have honed it to be your own.  We will address what thoughts, feelings, and beliefs come up as you discuss your struggles by acknowledging and challenging its existence.  We will find important pieces of the puzzle that makes you who you are and rearrange them in ways that allow you to form a more functional and positive sense of self.

Everyone has the capacity to grow, heal, and change at any point in their lives.   Human beings are capable and resilient in the face of adversities.  I think the main reason we develop mental health issues stems from childhood experiences as early life experiences impact the way we develop and function as an adult.  What this means is that I think you can find patterns in your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs to gain insight into your current self by exploring learned defenses against uncomfortable feelings and relationships that you are a part of, including the one with me.  Through my own therapy, I learned how to acknowledge my past, process my trauma, and recognize the patterns that fed into a vicious cycle.  I have learned to listen to myself and what it is that I need to do to tend to myself when I am feeling unwell; I want you to feel the same empowerment that I feel everyday.

I am an avid gamer and have been for most of my life.  While therapy involves looking intrinsically and doing the work, I am a strong proponent that the process can be fun.  Video games have a place in the mental health field.  For those who are as much of a geek at heart as I am, there is undoubtedly a safe space for you as well.

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Meet my Supervisor

About Cassidy

Hi I'm Cassidy Russell LMFT, Candace's supervisor and as a certified Geek Therapist I agree with Candace that therapy can be fun. It's not always some old person asking "How does that make you feel?" Sometimes it's talking about how the latest Marvel film struck a nerve because the main hero is battling a real villain that is too similar to your metaphorical ones. Sometimes it's realizing your parent is just as much of your final boss as Hades in the game Hades. How can pop culture be utilized in your therapy? Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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